Welcome & REMIX Trends

In this introductory session, REMIX co-founders Peter Tullin and Simon Cronshaw set the scene for two days of discussion and discovery. This talk provides an overview briefing on key trends and opportunities for creative entrepreneurs, innovators and policy makers at the point of intersection between culture, technology and entrepreneurship.


Power Networking

REMIX is the place to meet new collaborators and get projects started. Start REMIX London 2018 by rapidly meeting and greeting a long line of potential new collaborators within your first hour of arrival. Using our innovative new networking format, you'll be asked to exchange your ideas with other innovators from the creative industries (freelancers, start-ups and established businesses), arts and culture institutions, corporate brands, public policy, media, technology businesses and many other industries.


2019 Trends

Mindshare is a global media agency network with 7000 employees, in 116 offices across 86 countries. For this annual report fom Mindshare Futures, they surveyed over 6,000 people, held focus groups across the UK, carried out mobile qualitative and diary style exercises with over 100 people and carried out social and search analysis. They wanted to know what people think, what they say they are doing, what they are actually doing and why. Plus, essentially, how these things are changing over time and how they differ depending on who you talk to. In this session, Mindshare share insights from their trends for 2019.


The Journey to Launch V&A Dundee & its place in a changing city

Philip is the director of V&A Museum of Design Dundee. Born in Edinburgh, Philip has a wealth of experience in arts and culture, having spent his 20 year career working in museums across the country. He is passionate about culture in Scotland, previously holding high-profile roles in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, including National Galleries of Scotland. He sees Dundee as the country's latest cultural hub, reinventing itself at such a rate of knots with the new V&A Dundee at the heart of it. In this talk, Philip shares his vision for the city and insights from his experience of opening the new museum.


Digital Culture

Latest developments from the Google Cultural Institute, including latest opportunities and trends for cultural content online.




Lateral Inspiration: Repackaging an Industry

Creative entrepreneurship often requires re-imagining cultural and creative experiences as if starting from a blank sheet of paper. In this session, we hear from leaders who have accomplished similar transformations in many different industries. How have they gone about the challenge of reinvention, how have they questioned established norms, and what lessons can we learn for the creative sectors?


Citizen Power: Cultural Organisations Reimagined

In a post-truth, unequal, plugged-in and fragmented society, what could the cultural institutions of tomorrow look like? Which technologies and models can creative leaders imagine in response to the demand for a reinvigorated public commons: a communal, free and universally accesible space fit to address the unique challenges we face in education and society? What choices can arts organisations make in a digital landscape dominated by a handful of corporate platforms, and is this the only way? In this session we explore innovative models and questions that cultural organisations and creative entrepreneurs could harness to reimagine how they serve today's citizens through digital strategies.

Where audiences embrace the unexpected, where Manchester meets the world, and where artists truly love to work: Introducing The Factory
John McGrath - Artistic Director & CEO of Manchester International Festival and The Factory

Change as a Collective Process: A global open source R&D department for maybe the biggest question of our age

Brand-defining ideas that enable them to walk the walk



Pioneer Stories

Leaving Teach First to start from scratch again: Making a reality for a serial social entrepreneur
Brett Wigdortz - Founder and Honourary President, Teach First; Chair, National Citizen Service Trust; Co-Founder & CEO,

How we created London’s largest free contemporary arts festival
Ksenia Zemtsova & Philippine Nguyen - Co-Founders, Art Night

The Story of Art in Manufacturing - placing artists at the heart of Lancashire’s maker industries
Elena Gifford & Lauren Zawadzki - Art in Manufacturing & Partners, Deco Publique


Experience Design Across Physical and Digital Touchpoints

User interactions with creative organisations are becoming increasingly complex. They incorporate digital and physical touchpoints, pre-, during- and post-visit engagement, cultural and commercial objectives, and many other considerations. Users want to engage with content and services when, how and where they prefer. This session considers what this means in reality, exploring new ways of understanding and redesigning the user journey, through a mix of theory and best practice case studies from a range of industries.

Culture and commerce: New models and richer experiences for Live Theatre audiences
Jim Beirne MBE - Chief Executive, Live Theatre

Tate's out-of-hours creative infrastructure for the city

DigNation's Virtual Festival: Amplifying the Physical Experience through Crowdfunding and Digital Content

Take me to new worlds: Immersive opportunities for factual content
John Cassy - Co-Founder, Factory 42





Magic Leap have raised over $2.3 billion in funding and are poised to shape the future of storytelling with their disruptive technology. They're adding another dimension to computing where digital respects the physical. In this talk, Andy Lanning, Executive Creative Director, shares some of their work including their recent innovative partnerships with cultural institutions.


In this talk, Annette shares some of her early planning for the ROH Audience Labs, a new department that is experimenting with immersive technology to open up new experiences for audiences. Previously, Annette was a Creative Fellow of WIRED magazine and The Space, the guest artistic director of the Danish Inspiration Lab, and started her career as co-artistic director of interactive theatre company Coney. Annette has worked with diverse partners across sectors including Tate Britain, the United Kingdom Parliament, Ogilvy, WIRED Magazine, British Council, The National Theatre of Wales, SJ01 San Jose Biennale, Nesta, and several UK universities. She enjoys bringing together interdisciplinary teams that normally do not work together. Annette has worked with a wide range of specialists including artists, designers, theatre makers, academics, politicians, thinkers, futurists, creative technologists, AI experts, film makers, historians, curators, producers, advertising agencies, a magician and an astronaut.


Immersive Storytelling: Lessons from The New Creatives

A new era of technologies are changing the way we create and consume content. For digital content creators, the new possibilities for more tailored and personalised experiences in turn enhance interaction, understanding and engagement. So how do we learn from the best formats and models to apply to our organisation's content assets? What innovative formats have been developed for engaging users with knowledge-based, educational or cultural content, and what are some of the creative processes involved in devising these? This session considers the ways in which users consume content digitally - their habits, timings and contexts - and how a range of digital creatives have responded.

The making of BBC Dynasties: From financing to production tech

Championing British games culture
Rick Gibson - CEO, British Games Institute (BGI)
As one of the UK's oldest and fastest growing digital sectors, video games are overwhelmingly popular with Millennial audiences but reaching over 60% of British adults. Rick reveals how the new British Games Institute is addressing endemic challenges in access to finance and skills, in cultural recognition and workforce diversity, and will share innovative approaches towards running the new National Videogame Museum in Sheffield as well as developing new formats in collaboration with other organisations.

Immersive Experiences: Lessons from Brands working with Theatre
Isabel Soden - Chief of Play (Founding Director, Writer/Director, Strategist), Reuben Feels



Managing Internal Innovation and Intrapreneurship

Many companies struggle to get the right balance between structured efficiency and entrepreneurial flexibility. Publicly-funded organisations often feel an extra pressure to spend every penny wisely and this can sometimes impact speed of response or their ability to seize new opportunities. True innovation and transformative ideas come through taking calculated risks and allowing for failure. This session explores how to do this responsibly and effectively.

Building communities that solve the toughest social issues

Innovations that convert loyalty into new sources of income

Using Victoria's public library network to support innovation: the Foundry658 accelerator at State Library Victoria (Melbourne)


Creating Great Audio Content: Lessons from NPR and Audible

In this keynote, Eric Nuzum reveals some of the creative approaches he's used at NPR and Audible to devise innovative and popular new podcast formats. In particular, how they target formats for different audiences, considering opportunities for packaging the content assets of institutions in new, lateral ways. The goal is to better understand the early creative process for designing innovative audio programming and formats that can reach beyond existing arts converts.




The Ripple Effect: New Strategies for Local Communities and Arts-Led Change

Local arts and culture provision has experienced dramatic cuts just as we're beginning to better understand and articulate the value of it to local communities nationwide. This session looks at some of the very latest innovations in social arts interventions, highlighting successful strategies that are able to engage the hard-to-reach; uniting communities and driving arts-led regeneration as well as positioning artists at the forefront of social change.

Lessons from my 15 years at Battersea: Collaboration, Co-Creation and Future Opportunities

Using poetry to change the narrative (and make change)

Encountering art anywhere and everyday in East London

Keynote: Festivals and Creative Infrastructure for Regional Towns

In his keynote talk, Wayne will be exploring: what festivals can achieve in the context of current socio-economic challenges? What could the future of regional towns like Blackburn, Morecambe, Redcar or Darlington look like? What creative infrastructure is necessary to achieve this?


Resilient Cities: Making Ideas Happen

How can the infrastructure of our towns and cities better support creative innovation and disruptive new ideas? How do we join the dots between different parts of the creative industries including technology to facilitate new types of partnerships that could lead to new innovation. This session explores the opportunities and challenges of nurturing entrepreneurs with input from a range of experts from inside and outside the creative industries.



Closing Remarks


Close and Networking Meet-up