Meet Simon Cronshaw — Co-founder, REMIX Summits

Cultural Entrepreneur
Creative Technologist

Based in the UK, Simon Cronshaw is a leading expert on ways to bridge ‘traditional’ arts and culture with consumer culture. He was recently invited to write an essay, ‘The Upstarts Need You!‘, setting out his deeply-held beliefs on how creative, cultural and social entrepreneurs are supplying a huge consumer demand for creative encounters, knowledge and community — facilitating culture for everyone — often against all the odds. His credentials include:

Co-Founder, REMIX Summits: Convening the influential conference series which explores the future of culture, creative cities and the creative economy. Hosting thousands of attendees per year and hosted in cities including London, New York, Sydney, Singapore, Istanbul and Dubai. Other REMIX Partners include Bloomberg, Google, The Guardian, VICE, ABC and Time Out.

Co-Founder, (sold 2014): When it was founded in 2009, CultureLabel was the first major ecommerce site to sell art online. Its success and growth allowed to CultureLabel to raise venture capital funding. A unique platform which officially sold art and artist-designed products from over 500 leading culture brands and artists including Tate, V&A and the Guggenheim, it welcomed 200,000+ users in peak months. The CultureLabel platform also provided exclusive e-commerce services for Saatchi Gallery, ICA and 80+ other leading UK galleries through a major project with the UK Government allowing UK residents to buy art online through an interest free loan facility. It was featured in hundreds of media articles and was named by Design Week as one of the Top 50 UK influences in web design. Reviews included: “A one stop shop for creative commerce” (The Wall Street Journal); “An emporium of desirables” (Vogue); “An aggregator for the arts… One to watch” (Wired).

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Published author

Including Intelligent Naivety (2008); REMIX (2012); Golf, Art & Spa Days (2014); The Big Ticket Questions (2016) and An Army of Superfans (2017).

Specialist in business modelling

For non profit cultural organisations, creating programs for clients including Arts Council England, the British Council, the EU, Tate and the National Gallery, London.

Experienced facilitator

Simon has led workshops for a wide range of clients including a two-day workshop on digital business models for the British Council in Moscow; quarterly workshops for 90 UK arts leaders in business modelling for Arts Council England; Business Modelling Workshops for 18 creative entrepreneurs across Europe; plus hundreds of single-day trend briefings and visioning workshops.

Digital Culture Products

Simon is constantly on the lookout for exciting new digital culture products to support. Projects can be completed; products never are. Products are long-term endeavours with a life of their own – requiring continuous development and dedicated attention. Becoming a way of life. With a sustainable revenue model baked in. So just where will the next one come from?

The REMIX Co-founders — Peter Tullin and Simon Cronshaw — are available for speaking opportunities, research commissions and private client work. To discuss further, please get in touch by email on