Damien Hirst – Artist as Brand


Artists such as Damien Hirst are extending their work to new canvases as they have become become brands in their own right. Above he designed these Brit Awards recently and below he stamps his mark on London’s Olympic stadium.

Coast & V&A

Suki Waterhouse models ballgowns Coast VA Museum

Coast Ballgowns Limited Edition Collection Suki Waterhouse

Gorgeous Ballgowns Collection modeled by Suki Waterhouse

Bradley Cooper s girlfriend models Ballgowns for Coast


Collections are also a rich resource to be mined in new ways. Fashio retailer Coast have recently partnered with the V&A to develop a range of Ball Gowns under the theme of British Glamour, inspired by the museum’s fashion collection.

PRADA – Combining Art, Luxury & Retail


MILAN – Prada is opening a new type of retail space using art to amplify the brand as purveyor of luxury. They also understand that creating a theatre of experiences will be integral to the success of the project and use the arts to create a social dimension to shopping. The store is located at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Games Designer in Residence at the V&A


BAFTA winner Sophia George has joined forces with the V&A as their first ever Game Designer in Residence. It is a reflection of how museums are trying to hardwire cross-disciplinary thinking in to their DNA and it will be interesting to see how Sophia uses her insight from the gaming industry to unlock the British Galleries for new audiences which will be the focal point for her residency. It’s an interesting experiment so watch this space.

REMIX London Summit announced…

We are super excited that this year’s REMIX London event is going to take place at the Town Hall space in the recently opened UK Head Office of Google at Tottenham Court Road. 50 amazing speakers from the likes of Spotify, VICE, V&A, Unilever, BBC, Absolute, the Dubai Design District (d3) and Trip Advisor and will be lighting up the stage as we look at the big ideas and trends shaping the future of the cultural sector.



The Town Hall at Google HQ, London. Even the chairs are on brand.


The Library at Google (I wish more libraries were like this).


The patriotic Reception area with inbuilt exhibition in partnership with the Science Museum and others. All workplaces should clearly be like this.


If Punchdrunk did bars…

The Manderley Bar, where 200 guests can enjoy live entertainment. , McKittrick Hotel

They would probably be the best bars in the world. I remember chatting to Felix Barrett the Artistic Director of Punchdrunk many moons ago and rambling something to that effect. No doubt, they have had some great bars hidden within productions (I remember a particularly beguiling Absinthe parlour in collaboration with La Phee at Masque of the Red Death), but now they finally have a standalone bar and restaurant in New York sited on the top floor of the building that holds their wildly successful Sleep No More Production.

Pop-up exhibitions – Google x Science Museum

So Googlers get excited about computing whatever the era and when I popped into their shiny new HQ the other day I spotted an interesting collaboration with the Science Museum who had curated a small exhibition on the History of Computing in their reception area n.b. the reception at Google is not like other companies. Of course Bletchley Park plays a key role in the evolution of modern computers and given Google’s support for their recent fundraising drive to preserve the site this is a logical extension and also a great way for employees and visitors alike to understand why it is so important in the story if they did not know.

Glamping at Leeds Castle

Experience the beauty and splendour of Leeds Castle for longer by sticking around overnight. So you can’t hop into a Four-Poster but you can still crank up the luxury factor with a glamping experience. For the uninitiated this is as the name suggests; camping combined with a bit of glamour. Think about your average Glastonbury experience and contrast that with lux tents with proper toilets and access to hair dryers (for some reason whenever I read about glamping, this last one always seems to be cited as an example of glamour).