REMIX Sydney in Pictures

Over 1000 creative leaders attended REMIX Sydney over 2-days. The event kicked off with a special workshop in partnership with ABC and the Australia Council for the Arts on the future of arts and broadcast at the top of Bloomberg’s amazing new Skyscraper. Height remained a theme as the event kicked off with a VIP reception in the Board Dining Room at the summit of the AMP tower with stunning views over the harbour, bridge and Sydney Opera House. Delegates then descended upon the amazing industrial spaces of Carriageworks for a feast of ideas, interspersed with a Summit Part at the very cool Brand X curated by Timeout and the British Council.





Spaces evolved


Rough Trade recently opened up in NYC and lucky New Yorkers were treated to a cavernous space around four times larger than the store in East London. It might seem surprising that a record store has expanded so aggressively? Well, Rough Trade are the latest brand to work out that creating flexible space will allow then to change and adapt in the future. Learning from their experience in East London where they leapt from a record collectors Aladdin’s Cave in the form of their original iconic store to a warehouse with a cafe and small stage area, they have made an even bolder move. Rough Trade identified the growth of live performance in the music industry a few years ago and have made this even more central to the new store but they want to offer even more experiences and monetise an environment where people like to hang out. They know their audience in great detail as well as the value of these fans to other brands. They have formed careful partnerships with organisations that have similar brand values ranging from The Guardian to Tumblr.


Rough Trade  need to be able to change the environment from record store to performance space in the same day. For the same reasons the newest spaces cultural sector are becoming ever more flexible and multi-purpose. For example, Bl_nk, is a new type of arts venue in Shoreditch. A range of partners including Hackney Council, the V&A and creative agency Poke are involved in the venture. We recently took a range of creative leaders from the UK on a trend scouting mission around East London’s Silicon Roundabout as part of the REMIX Summit in the city to find out more and here are some of the insights.  28869995d14c3cdc86aac91a318186d7

The V&A’s Digital Curator, Louise Shannon talked to us about how Bl_nk is an experiment for them to play with a space that offers the possibility of new forms of creative collaboration between artists and technologists, producing both new creative output, expression and distribution. Bl_nk is also built on the pillars of Hackney House, a roaming pop-up venue that promotes the borough as a creative location but crucially also provided a space for events that brought together a network of creatives’ from a wide range of industries and organisations in the area. This loose cross-disciplinary group are at the heart of the different approach to the output of Bl_nk as they seek to co-produce creative projects and creative output from a wide range of sources.

bl-nk-outside01_small bl-nk-hackney-10-thumb-620x412-67853

New types of purpose built cultural spaces are also coming on stream in cities such as Dubai. The Dubai Design District (or d3 as it is also known) is a new facility on an epic scale designed to provide cutting edge infrastructure for the design community to both support local talent and pull in new creative industries into the emirate. The spaces will open in 2015 and will help creatives turn their ideas into new scaleable enterprises.


Finally, our favourite flexi-space at the moment is the magnificent La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris which is a veritable hive of art tech collaborations such as the one below and just down the road from the new Google Cultural Institute which has also applied the same kind of thinking to the use of space and programming approach.


BFI Player


I attended the launch of the BFI Player this week in central London which was introduced by Chair, Greg Dyke. It’s a new digital platform to support both emerging and established British film-makers as well as provide new access to the national film archive. There were some interesting innovations in terms of navigation. The integration of some curation from the BFI’s critically Sight & Sound as well as the archive is a good move as it allows a deeper experience than services such as Netflix and there is scope for even more content cross-over here. BFI Player is only available online at the moment with no App, Smart TV or console support which is a shame but these should arrive in due course.


The business model is also an interesting with free as well as paid for content and it also draws inspiration from other services such as Curzon On Demand by offering the chance to view the latest British films for a price in your own home with access on the same day as their theatrical release.


Google Cultural Institute, Paris


In 2012, CultureLabel Co-founder Peter Tullin got to spend a little time helping the team Google bring alive their vision to create a new type of space for creative collaboration between the arts and tech world’s which was finally launched last week in Paris. The Google Cultural Institute as it will be know is a physical extension of the online platform and is located inside Google’s new Paris HQ. The footprint of the Google Cultural Institute incorporates a number of different spaces. Some showcase cultural content or provide a home for events for new conversations but most interestingly others are designed to enable collaboration between creatives and technologists.


The Serpentine Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist is one collaborator who is excited by the possibilities of new forms of creative expression and distribution. He recently co-founded 89Plus an initiative to support a group of artistic talents all born after 1989 with a loose remit of helping them flourish and break the mould. He will be selecting some of these creatives to take advantage of something called the Lab which is a playground of creative digital tools such as interactive screens and 3D scanners. Institutions will also be encouraged to use the space and Google has a team of engineers working on the project to support the process and help achieve aspirations of the users.

“The Lab is not a virtual museum, nor is it a gallery, or an exhibition space. It is a work space which serves as an invitation to those working in the cultural sector to come and find new solutions using new technologies” Anselm Baird-Smith, Google


The outcomes are very open-ended but this is the exciting bit. When you put creative people in a room together from different disciplines, with some great tools and resources around some potentially ground-breaking ideas then amazing things could be invented.


Last Monday we took a select group of 15 cultural delegates on a tour of some of the most innovative tech projects and startups in London’s Tech City and got to hear the stories of the founders and entrepreneurs behind them.


After breakfast at South Place Hotel we headed to Google Campus where we heard from three exciting cultural startups closing in on investment. At Inition we got a peek around the corner at what’s happening next in 3D printing and augmented reality. At BL-NK we heard from founding partners POKE and the V&A about their vision for the new culture and digital hub. After and incredible lunch at Ace Hotel we visited Songkick and Nexus who shared insights into their entrepreneurial approaches before finishing the day with drinks at the stunning Shoreditch House.


REMIX London Summit announced…

We are super excited that this year’s REMIX London event is going to take place at the Town Hall space in the recently opened UK Head Office of Google at Tottenham Court Road. 50 amazing speakers from the likes of Spotify, VICE, V&A, Unilever, BBC, Absolute, the Dubai Design District (d3) and Trip Advisor and will be lighting up the stage as we look at the big ideas and trends shaping the future of the cultural sector.



The Town Hall at Google HQ, London. Even the chairs are on brand.


The Library at Google (I wish more libraries were like this).


The patriotic Reception area with inbuilt exhibition in partnership with the Science Museum and others. All workplaces should clearly be like this.


If Punchdrunk did bars…

The Manderley Bar, where 200 guests can enjoy live entertainment. , McKittrick Hotel

They would probably be the best bars in the world. I remember chatting to Felix Barrett the Artistic Director of Punchdrunk many moons ago and rambling something to that effect. No doubt, they have had some great bars hidden within productions (I remember a particularly beguiling Absinthe parlour in collaboration with La Phee at Masque of the Red Death), but now they finally have a standalone bar and restaurant in New York sited on the top floor of the building that holds their wildly successful Sleep No More Production.

Bowie Live


More than 312,000 visitors have seen the David Bowie is: exhibition at The V&A. Now a whole new audience will get the chance as it draws to a close. A live cinematic event called David Bowie is Happening Now on August 12th. Live exhibitions and cultural experiences are a growing phenomena which are striking a chord with audiences. The art house cinema group Picturehouse say that content of this nature is now accounting for 12% of their gross box office revenue.


REMIX Partners with the Dubai Design District


REMIX Summits has announced its latest Global Partner, the Dubai Design District (d3).  Dubai Design District is a major new 21 million sq ft creative industries facility that will open in the city in 2015 which aims to become the focal point for creativity in the emirate. REMIX delegates will get a chance to hear about the development at REMIX NYC when Lindsay Miller, the Managing Director will speak -