Summit: ldn24

Length: 23:03

Dive into the creative process of bringing history to life through light, music and technology at Les Invalides in Paris. Discover the challenges faced by Moment Factory in preserving history while transforming the French Heritage Site into a fascinating experience through innovative storytelling.

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Jean-Baptiste Hardoin - Creative Director, Moment Factory (France) - Aura Invalides, Paris

As a creative director at Moment Factory, Jean-Baptiste Hardoin is both a show designer and a guarantor of the artistic integrity of each multimedia project he accompanies, from conception to delivery. Since joining Moment Factory in 2015, Jean-Baptiste has drawn on his rich background as a multimedia scenographer to design singular, emotionally charged universes. His solid knowledge of the arts and fertile imagination enrich each experience with stories and meaning. Skillfully composing experiences mixing technology and space, Jean-Baptiste has collaborated on various large-scale projects such as Kontinuum, Anima Lumina and with musical artists Etienne Daho, Damso and Arcade Fire. Based in the Paris office since 2017 where he contributes to Moment Factory's influence in Europe, he provides creative direction for ambitious projects such as Regalia, Alta Lumina and Aura Invalides.