Founder Stories: How DigVentures is re-imagining archaeology

Summit: ldn17

Length: 12:39

Using participatory 'citizen science', crowdfunding, heritage tourism and the experience economy to increase participation in archaeology and heritage projects

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This talk is presented by

Lisa Westcott Wilkins - Founder, DigVentures

DigVentures is a social business designed to increase participation and build advocacy for archaeology, heritage and conservation projects. The DV approach is unique, aligning digital innovation with participatory ‘citizen science’, alternative funding, heritage tourism and the experience economy.

In 2012 their 'Flag Fen Lives' project became the world’s first-ever successfully crowdfunded and crowdsourced archaeological excavation. Since then, DigVentures has raised over £470,000 in crowdfunding and grants to fund archaeological digs in the UK and abroad, and now has a worldwide community of supporters, including professional and amateur archaeologists as well as people from all walks of life who are fascinated by archaeology and the chance to be actively involved in every aspect of the projects.

DigVentures is the only community-focussed Registered Organisation in the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and the first-ever CIfA Accredited Field School.