Creating Rematch, the ‘Sporting Time Machine’

Summit: ldn24

Length: 16:47

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Richard Ayers - Founder, Rematch - 'The Sporting Time Machine'

Richard is a commercial hippy who founded leading European sports digital marketing agency Seven League in 2012 and is seen as one of the leading thinkers in digital sports marketing, media and fan engagement.

He sold to IMG in 2021 and founded a new business, Rematch, delivering immersive experiences in real and virtual worlds that take you back in time to re-imagined iconic sporting moments. They won awards with the debut show, Wimbledon Rematch 1980, telling the story of Borg v McEnroe and have just finished a 3 month run of Rumble in the Jungle Rematch which got excellent reviews and broke new ground in audience engagement.

He is also a special advisor to the Centre for Sport and Human Rights. Originally a BBC journalist who launched BBC News online in 1997, Richard has spent most of his career in media. His first sports business role was as Manchester City’s first Head of Digital in 2011-13.