Summit: ldn24

Length: 20:43

It’s the middle of the pandemic and the music festival sector is on its knees so perhaps now is the time to finally do the thing we have spent years talking about. Risk taking and gut feeling are a huge part of business, especially for an entrepreneur. This is what it took for us to build this new world.

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Graham MacVoy - Co-Founder & Managing Director, Wake the Tiger - immersive art experience from the founders of Boomtown

Graham MacVoy's entrepreneurial journey has been unique. Graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he enjoyed a decade in the French Alps, Iceland and Austria, creating acclaimed unique events before returning to the UK to deliver some of the country's top music festivals over a 15 year period. Now as Managing Director and Co-Founder of Wake The Tiger, he has - alongside his business partner - spearheaded the fundraising, creation and delivery of the world's first Amazement Park®. Born from the creative team behind Boomtown Fair, Wake The Tiger is an immersive art experience that has captivated audiences of all ages and backgrounds since its launch in July 2022. With over 250,000 tickets sold and a turnover of over £3 million in the first year, this groundbreaking attraction has become a symbol of creativity and amazement for Bristol.