Wyrmwood & VR Innovations in Filmmaking: From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Summit: syd19

Length: 18:07

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Tristan Roache-Turner - Producer, Wyrmwood & Guerilla Films

Tristan Roache-Turner, brother of Kiah Roache-Turner, produced and co-wrote Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead. As well as being ridiculously good looking, he assisted with set building and design and kept the Wyrmwood ship afloat with his good humour, tireless passion and drive. Tristan and Kiah have worked together on short film projects and video clips for bands like the Thundamentals since they were very young.

Tristan worked with Kiah on Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead from the very first late night beer laden chats to the final incredible “bad ass” production. He worked his guts out on every level of the set, from digging holes, and ordering portaloo’s to writing, running departments, budgeting and scheduling.

Tristan often features in Roache-Turner productions, he plays at least two zombies in Wyrmwood, and the “Roadrunner” in an award winning short film directed by Kiah in 2008, called “Road Runner.”

Tristan and a few close friends also built the iconic zombie truck in Kiah and Tristan’s inner city back yard. There were a few startled neighbours when he decided to drive the finished zombie truck with it’s metal cage and rusty spikes jutting out up the street the first time..

Tristan has a vivid imagination and was the one to come up with the idea of using zombies as fuel. Who would have guessed he could be good looking and smart?

Mark Grentell - Director, Spectre Studios

Mark Grentell directed, co-wrote and produced the successful Australian feature film Backyard Ashes at Spectre Studios. He also recently directed and produced his second feature film The Merger, which is now in final stages of post production ahead of it's release in cinemas later this year. Mark has over 20 years of experience in producing, writing and directing theatre and musical theatre pieces.