VIVE Arts (HTC): New Thresholds of Culture

Summit: ldn24

Length: 10:17

How can immersive technologies open up new entry points into culture for institutions, artists and audiences, and how can tech enable more hybrid, plural, evolving, and multidimensional forms of experiences?

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This talk is presented by

Samantha King - Head of Programme, VIVE Arts (HTC)

Samantha is the Head of Programme at VIVE Arts (HTC), a global arts programme supporting artists and cultural organisations to experiment with immersive technology. Previous to VIVE Arts, she was Senior Producer of Audience Labs at the Royal Opera House, an innovation programme bringing together artists and next generation technology to create boundary-breaking contemporary opera and ballet experiences. She has also held positions at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Museum of the Moving Image in New York.

Samantha specialises in producing multilayered, interdisciplinary experiences and exhibitions that explore creative innovation using digital tools. She has worked with a range of artists, designers, technologists and creatives, and with partners across sectors in the UK and internationally including Google Creative Lab, UKRI, the Smithsonian, Musee d’Orsay, National Gallery, and Art Basel. She is particularly interested in new forms of cultural infrastructure, the transformative potential of technology on artistic practice, and how interdisciplinary collaborations and creative R&D can offer new possibilities for artists, audiences, and the future of culture.

Samantha is a member of the British Interactive Media Association Immersive Tech Council and trustee of the Manchester-based arts organisation Abandon Normal Devices.