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Joanna Garner (USA) - Senior Story Creative Director, Meow Wolf - "a multimillion-dollar dream factory" New York Times

Meow Wolf started as a small art collective in Santa Fe, USA. They are now perhaps the most talked about art experience in the world with over 3 million visitors to their US venues last year Meow Wolf. The New York Times recently asked the question, “Can an Art Collective Become the Disney of the Experience Economy?” and Forbes speculated on whether or not they might become the next ‘billion dollar’ entertainment company.

Joanna Garner is the Senior Story Creative Director for Meow Wolf, leading story and world building for multiple projects, including the Omega Mart exhibition in Las Vegas, as well as driving development of the company’s overall story universe. Outside of Meow Wolf, Joanna is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and immersive experience designer. Her plays and experiences have been developed nationally and internationally, including at the Finnish National Opera, Banff Playwrights Colony, Tofte Lake Center, Seattle Repertory Theatre, On the Boards, and with Austin’s acclaimed Rude Mechs. She has been a featured speaker talking about creativity, world-building, and collaboration for Stanford University, the RealTime Conference, StoryWorld 3.0, Breckenridge Film Festival, Next Stage Immersive Summit, and Facebook.