Phantom Peak’s Art of Storytelling – A Fully Immersive, Open World Experience

Summit: ldn24

Length: 15:25

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Nick Moran - Director, Phantom Peak - "The number 1 experience to do in London this year.” (The Thrillist)

Nick has spent a decade working across experiential and escape rooms, and entertained hundreds of thousands of customers with the games and activations he's built. He is now Director of Phantom Peak, a vast, fully immersive, open world experience - a living, breathing town where mystery lurks around every corner. Part escape room, part immersive theatre, part real-life videogame.

Experience the art of storytelling in a whole new way at Phantom Peak. Dine, shop, and play games as you embark on an immersive open-world adventure where you can explore the town, collect clues, and go sightseeing at your own pace for up to five hours. Phantom Peak is fully-realised steampunk town with its own waterfall, lake and residents. As prospective new citizens, you will be able to embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries that lurk in every corner of the town: a fully-featured world packed with over 100 adventures, games and stories as well as premium bars and eateries.

Prior to Phantom Peak, from 2015-2019 Nick was the the Creative Director of Time Run, a live gaming experience company based in London. The goal was and still is simple: to develop, write and structure immersive experiences; to create intricately detailed universes that reward and encourage audience engagement and agency. In late 2020, he launched Spectre & Vox, a new form of at-home entertainment experience, which raised over £250,000 on Kickstarter.

At Time Run Nick wrote and led the design of two award-winning games (The Lance Of Longinus and The Celestial Chain), and, in late 2018 he designed and launched Sherlock: The Game Is Now, a multimillion pound, large scale experience which he co-wrote with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, based on the eponymous BBC TV show.