Light ADL – A new home for creativity in performance, arts and hospitality

Summit: syd22

Length: 16:48

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This talk is presented by

Nick Dunstone - Co-Founder, Light ADL, Adelaide - a new home for creativity in performance, arts and hospitality

Nick returned to Adelaide in 2018 with his partner Sophie and their four children after 20 years.

Nick Dunstone is a lawyer and corporate restructuring professional. He has been a partner of 2 leading international law firms, and for the last 10 years has been a partner in an investment fund based in Hong Kong that specialises in corporate restructuring. The international travel embargo resulting from Covid has meant Nick and Sophie have been able to focus on a new creative philanthropic opportunity in Australia that they hope will be transformative to Australia’s performing arts culture and pave the way for emerging creatives to engage with a new performance canvas.

Nick and Sophie have directed significant capital to establish Light Cultural Foundation to provide artists and tech creatives with the opportunity to harness immersive technologies to connect with audiences in new and meaningful ways ( To house Light’s cultural and hospitality activities, they purchased and restored a four-storey heritage building at Light Square in the Adelaide CBD in July 2020.

In 2021 Nick and Sophie were awarded the Emerging Philanthropy Leadership Award presented by Creative Partnership Australia.

Light also has an exclusive partnership with the ABC in relation to the use of Light’s virtual production facilities.