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Michael Rodrigues - NSWs inaugural 24 Hour economy Commissioner & former MD, Time Out

What is the vision of Sydney we want to work towards? Do we want a retirement village for young people? Or do we want a city that is vibrant, diverse, inclusive and inspiring? 

The objective of the Night Time Industries Association is to promote Sydney as a vibrant and creative city, and to build a new positive narrative for Sydney’s nightlife that includes:

- that Sydney is a fun and inspiring place to live, work and play;

- that Sydney’s nightlife contributes to the cultural value of the city; and

- nightlife stimulates creativity which is an important economic driver for NSW;

To achieve this objective the Night Time Industries Association will need to be active developing positive messaging and media and communications activities.

Mike has also helmed Time Out in Australia for the past ten years, burrowing deep into the arts, culture and hospitality verticals that underpin his business. These days he draws upon audience data to identify audience trends in the consumption of city-based entertainment, combining it with sector knowledge to help institutions and businesses answer the question: will people come to my stuff now, tomorrow and in the future?

In recent years Time Out has evolved beyond its publishing roots. In 2014, Time Out Lisbon editors turned a historic market hall in the city into Time Out Market, thus creating the world’s first food and cultural market, and the first market experience rooted wholly in editorial curation. A place that previously housed the city’s top vendors now brings together the best of the city under one roof: its best restaurants, bars and cultural experiences, based on the editorial curation Time Out has always been known for.

In 2017, 3.6 million visitors came to the market to explore excellent food from 32 restaurants and kiosks, enjoy drinks from eight bars and cafes, buy from five shops, attend cooking workshops in the Chef’s Academy or events in the Time Out Studio, a 900-capacity entertainment venue. It has rapidly become the most popular attraction in PortugalIn 2019, new Time Out Markets are set to open in Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago and Montreal

Andrew Valder - Founder, Garage Sale Trail

Garage Sale Trail is a not-for-profit community enterprise founded by Andrew Valder and Darryl Nichols. Garage Sale Trail aims to promote re-use, reduce waste to landfill, create awareness about illegal dumping, unite communities, and stimulate local economies.

The program encourages people to hold garage sales on the one day across Australia. In addition, it turns the humble Garage Sale into a way for people to make a few dollars, meet their neighbours, divert waste to landfill all whilst having a whole lot of fun.

Heather Whitely Robertson - Assistant Director, Museum of Contemporary Arts

Heather Whitely Robertson is the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Assistant Director, Audiences & Creative Learning. She connects people with contemporary art, culture and ideas and is responsible for positioning the MCA locally, nationally and internationally as a place for experiencing creativity, engagement and exchange. In her role, Heather drives the strategic direction of marketing, public relations, visitor experience, public engagement and student and teacher engagement.

Heather was born in Perth, Western Australia, where she completed her secondary schooling and undergraduate studies before relocating to Melbourne to pursue further education. Heather holds a Masters of Education (Arts Administration), Graduate Diploma in Visual & Performing Arts) both from RMIT University, Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Notre Dame Australia, and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Architecture) from Curtin University, Western Australia. 

Prior to joining the MCA, Heather worked as a Learning Manager for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London with responsibility for audience development initiatives for families and mass-participation festivals; Head of Learning at Open House London; Curator of Family and Community Programmes at Tate Modern and as an Educator at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. Heather is passionate about contemporary art, learning, engagement and pushing the boundaries of imagination.

Kaj Lofgren - Director, The School of Life Australia

Kaj is the Director of The School of Life Australia, a cultural enterprise dedicated to exploring good ideas for everyday living. The School of Life works on developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture, addressing such issues as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand one’s past, how to achieve calm and how better to understand, and where necessary, change the world.

 Prior to this, Kaj served as the Director of Strategy at Small Giants. Small Giants invests in businesses that are shifting us to a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable world. Even further back in time, Kaj had a number of other dream jobs with Engineers Without Borders and Engineers Australia. He is currently serving as a director on the board of Engineers Without Borders.