Summit: per19

Length: 12:31

Let's begin with a mind-shift where a brand is a result of the promises you keep. Promises kept through the unheroic work of everyone in the organization. Using the identity held in the organisation’s purpose and values. Across what they do and how they do it. And delivered through people’s experience. Your brand is a result.

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Michel Hogan - Independent Brand Counsel. Writer. Speaker. Thinker. Author, 'The Unheroic Work', Columnist, SmartCompany

Michel Hogan is an independent brand thinker and adviser dedicated to helping you make promises you can keep and keep the promises you make — with a strong, resilient brand as the result. You can find more about Michel at

Brand is a container for value created by everything you do. When it overflows you can use it to forge ahead, get more visitors, find partners and figure out new cultural events. On the flip side if you erode value by making the wrong promises, you can easily end up running on empty. Michel will flip your thinking about brand so you avoid common pitfalls and focus on how to put its value to work.