Summit: ldn14

Length: 49:14

A new panel for 2014 sees founders and leaders explore the potential role of gaming in culture as well as understand the trends that are driving the growth of this dynamic and diverse industry. Gamers are everywhere and if the arts are looking to seek out new audiences this is one place where they can be found. Mainstream gaming now turns over more than cinema and other entertainment segments and casual gaming on mobile has drawn in new audiences that would never normally be classed as gamers. The indie gaming sector has produced titles such as Minecraft that are creative tools allowing people to build and inhabit online worlds that have a lot of potential for the arts to infiltrate in creative ways. This panel gives the arts sector a glimpse into a world that is having more and more influence and crossover potential to the arts with the rise of massive open worlds in Triple AAA titles such as Grand Theft Auto where gamers can roam freely. The growing narrative sophisitication of games such as The Last of Us also point at new opportunities. We also look at what gamification in the arts could mean.

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Siobhan Reddy - Studio Director, Media Molecule (Sony Interactive Entertainment; Creator, LittleBigPlanet & named in Fortune's '10 Most Powerful Women in Gaming')

Siobhan Reddy is Studio Director at Media Molecule, the band of creative minds behind the hugely successful and innovative LittleBigPlanet game franchise, as well as the award-winning Tearaway for the PS Vita and Tearaway Unfolded for the PlayStation 4. The studio is currently working on the hotly anticipated PS4 title Dreams, the next evolution of Play, Create, Share. Siobhan cut her teeth at Criterion, working on titles such as Burnout 3 & Burnout 4. She also sits on the Game Developers Conference advisory board.

Happiest in the space between chaos and calm, Siobhan’s role at Mm brings together her two passions: creating innovative, genre-bending entertainment, and bringing together creative collaborators. Fellow co-founders Mark Healey, Kareem Ettouney, Alex Evans and Dave Smith started the studio to meld their extensive games experience, shared passions for the arts and unwavering commitment to quality, and bring something a little different to the industry.

A strong advocate for diversity, Siobhan believes that the games industry should be a place for all, as it’s the quintessential medium of our time. Media Molecule projects strive to encourage players to get in touch with their creativity, and have their mind and soul tickled in the process.

She has been honoured to receive numerous awards and accolades including the Production Award at Microsoft Women in Gaming Awards in 2009 and then the Innovator Award at the same awards in 2014. Siobhan was also named one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the UK by the BBC’s “Woman’s Hour,” the “Australian Woman of the Year in the UK” by Qantas, installed in the UK Women in Game Hall of Fame, and named one of Fortune Magazines “10 Powerful Women in Gaming”.

Adam Clarke - Artist & Digital Producer - 'Wizard Keen' from Stampy's Minecraft Education show Wonder Quest

Adam Clarke is an artist and visual storyteller who uses Minecraft, games, traditional art and technology to inspire and entertain.

Adam Clarke is a leading Minecraft artist and digital producer, responsible for some of the most innovative Minecraft projects in the world. His work includes high-profile collaborations with Tate Britain, Artichoke Trust, The Space, Guardian Newspapers, United for Wildlife, Disney and much more. He produces an online YouTube Channel and also starred as Wizard Keen, collaborating in Stampy’s Minecraft educational series Wonder Quest. He is a Director of the Official Minecraft Marketplace Map creators group, Wandering Wizards.

Originally training as an illustrator, Adam has over twenty-five years experience as an artist, producer, and visual storyteller. He has worked extensively within schools, colleges, and community settings and is well-known for his engaging, and easy-going approach. He is widely acclaimed as one of the most innovative Minecraft creative producers in the world.

Dan Pearce - 10 Second Ninja & BAFTA Breakthrough Brit

Dan started developing games during his teenage years. When he was sixteen years old, he won BAFTA's Young Game Designers Award, something which gave him access to companies like EA Games and Tt Games, and gave him the opertunity to learn about how various studios operate. When Dan was eighteen years old, he went fully independent as a game developer, alongside his school studies. Within a year and a half, he was made a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit. In March of this year, he was nominated for another BAFTA for his game 'Castles in the Sky', which he made with his company, The Tall Trees Ltd. In March, he also released '10 Second Ninja' with Mastertronic. Dan is now focusing his attention on newer projects.