The Art of Success: How to GUARANTEE your creative business idea will succeed

Summit: syd23

Length: 20:45

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Thomas Mahon - Founder, MoPA (Museum of Play and Art), "One of the worlds best Children’s Museums", SMH

For over 20 years Tom destroyed value for some of Australia's largest brands and orchestrated some of the most epic failures in Australia's entrepreneurial landscape. Thankfully, Tom's failures represent a relative minority of his overall career, and he thinks he might've learned a few things along the way that are worth sharing. In fact, Tom reckons he now has a 'recipe to guarantee success' - and he's going to share it. It's pretty hard to argue with the guy when this recipe is the one that has produced Tom's latest venture; MoPA: Museum of Play and Art, a growing network of wildly successful Children's Museums recognised as some of the best in the world.