Summit: per19

Length: 31:51

Combine current social, economic and political instabilities with living in a never-ending 'highlights reel' on social media, and the individual and collective mental health of our audiences is suffering. In Australia, 60% of Millennials and Gen Z respondents to the 2019 VICE youth study were anxious about life, their country and the world - a worrying trend echoed globally. Mental health ranked as the Number 1 most important issue to young people, especially for Gen Z. This talk tracks the trends and considers how best to respond.

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Stephanie Winkler - Research & Insights Lead - APAC, VICE

Stephanie is a senior strategist who leads Research and Insights for the global media company VICE, and their creative agency Virtue, in the Asia Pacific. She draws insights VICE's vast data set, and conducts independent research, to study and predict happenings in youth culture. She is technically a Millennial, so her opinion still matters - despite needing to look up to look up the occasional piece of youth slang on Urban Dictionary.