Pentridge – Commercial Sustainability

How do we make sustainable use of our heritage assets?

The Project?

Founded in 1851, Pentridge stands as a notable heritage-listed former prison complex. After the Melbourne Gaol ceased operations in the 1920s, Pentridge assumed the role of the primary remand and reception facility for the Melbourne metropolitan region. Throughout its history, Pentridge has incarcerated some of Australia’s most notorious criminals, leaving an indelible mark on the collective consciousness.

The site has been transformed through a $1 billion redevelopment and REMIX Agency were asked to help develop a sustainable approach to utilising some of the incredible heritage assets. Pentridge is now home to high quality public spaces, a visitor attraction operated by the National Trust of Victoria which explores the history of the site, an outpost for Brew Dog one of the world’s leading independent craft brewers, a boutique hotel where you can sleep in a redesigned cell, a cinema, art gallery, retail and F&B.

This project is ongoing.