Summit: ldn24

Length: 21:47

The dual technology waves of AI and immersive devices have the chance to transform and disrupt how we create and experience stories and worlds. Explore how the evolution of digital world building is leading us to a new era, one filled with challenges, risks, and great promise.

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Michael Stein - CTO - Framestore - the Oscar-winning creative studio working across film, immersive and advertising (Barbie, Wonka, Black Mirror, Gaurdians of the Galaxy)

Michael Stein is a creative industry technology leader with over 30 years of experience across visual effects, games, animation, and experiential entertainment. His work has focused on building product and data-led organizations which bridge creative workflows and technology solutions. Michael and his teams have worked with many of the top studios and media companies, creative technology companies, and brand clients around the world. He deeply believes in the transformations which will provide new platforms, technologies, and standards for our entertainment, information, education, and social activities. Michael is currently the CTO at Framestore, one of the world’s leading visual effects, animation, and creative companies. Michael leads strategy and operations across eight locations globally, including a a team of technologists who enable some of the most incredible imagery across film, episodic, advertising, interactive, and immersive content.