Summit: syd14

Length: 07:40

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Colin Walker - Director of Policy, West Australian Department of Culture and the Arts

Prior to joining the Department Colin was Director, Arts & Business West Midlands in Birmingham in the UK and former consultant to the UK National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) for its Fellowship and Cultural Leadership programs.   He has acted as an arts sponsorship consultant to a range of international brands and many of the most recognisable arts institutions in the UK.  He is a board member of Healthway the West Australian Health Promotion Agency, the State Graffiti Taskforce and is an Advisory Board Member of Symbiotica, the Biological Arts Centre of Excellence at the University of Western Australia and Event Gallery, Melbourne.

Colin, presenting with Michael Chappell, worked together with John Knell of the Intelligence Agency in the UK to develop a Public Value Measurement Framework for the funded arts sector in Western Australia.  Subsequently, Michael went on to develop Culture CountsTM - a digital system that combines crowd-sourced event feedback collected via smart mobile devices with self and peer assessment provided through a web portal for a 360 degree assessment of the intrinsic impact of cultural events.  The Culture CountsTM system also combines these intrinsic value metrics with traditional ‘instrumental’ metrics like audience numbers and box office takings into a single dashboard for use by arts and cultural organisations and funding bodies alike. The evaluation metrics used in Culture CountsTM have been co-developed with the sector and tested throughout Australia and the United Kingdom. Culture CountsTM is due for full commercial release in late 2014.

Michael Chappell - CEO, Culture Counts

Michael is the CEO of Culture Counts (TM). A Chartered Management Consultant with a B.Econ (Hons) from UWA, Michael spent five years working in market and property research before beginning a career in Management Consulting in 1991.

Michael has an extensive association in the Arts sector. He is the former Chairman of PVI Collective, a West Australian Contemporary Arts organisation. Prior to this, Michael served as Chairman and Board Member for West Australian Ballet.

In 2011, Michael developed Culture Counts, a system for evaluating any investment or activity that has an economic or social impact for individuals and the community including cultural centres, arts events or festivals and business precincts. The metrics have undergone extensive research, consultation and academic validation in Australia and the UK.

Michael has over 20 years of economic policy and strategy consulting experience, augmented with formal training in Corporate Strategy Development through Stanford University and postgraduate qualifications from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is the founder and Managing Director of Pracsys Economics, a national firm or urban economists represented in Western Australia and Victoria.