Summit: ldn13

Length: 07:49

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Olivia Steele - Co-founder and Creative Director, PRET A DINER

Entrepreneur and Artist Olivia Steele is the co-founder and creative director of Pret A Diner, a traveling, innovative dining experience in the form of a Pop Up Restaurant with Michelin star Chefs. A Native of Nashville, Tennessee and resident of London and Berlin, Olivia is responsible for the Pret A Diner brand as a whole which unites contemporary art, food, and music under one roof in unconventional locations across Europe, where one can not normally eat or drink. She oversees the hunt for locations, sponsorship and strategic partnerships, as well as the art program and platform as a commissioning body.

Known for her original and contrasting concepts, Olivia has designed 14 restaurants, and numerous temporary environments that definitely contradict the ordinary - hence her motto “expect the unexpected.”  Olivia has an educational background in visual communications and Psychology. Outside of her role at Pret A Diner, she is a text based neon artist represented by Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin.