Summit: ldn24

Length: 15:55

Sports Interactive (SI) is behind the smash hit football management simulation, Football Manager. As Studio Director at one of the most successful games studios in the world, this session explores what comes next for gaming, and where do the new opportunities and crossovers with culture sit?

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MIles Jacobson OBE - Studio Director, Sports Interactive - creators of Football Manager & one of the most successful games studios in the world

Miles Jacobson is Studio Director of Sports Interactive (SI), the sports management simulation specialist. Originally the creators of the Championship Manager series of football management games and now the company behind the new smash hit football management simulation, Football Manager.

Chris Michaels - Founder, Digital Advisory

Chris founded consultancy Digital Advisory in 2022 to create new intersections between art, research and technology. His clients include some of the world’s leading universities, museums and foundations, plus a portfolio of creative technology startups. He is the Deputy Chair of English Heritage; an Associate of Human Economics; Digital and Strategy Director for Bolton & Quinn, and a former Sr Visiting Fellow at King’s College London. He is the author of “Creative R&D: Art | Ideas | Technology” a weekly newsletter on new trends in culture and creativity.

From 2017-22 Chris was Director of Digital, Communications and Technology at the National Gallery and ran National Gallery X, an innovation lab for the future of art and technology. Chris has a PHD from the University of Bristol and a Masters in Innovation Economics from UCL.