Episode 14 – The Future Happened Yesterday – a Story of Tomorrow with TechnoFuturist, Galit Ariel

Episode 14 of See Things Differently looks at how the future of Culture, how createch, AI, the metaverse and other tools are changing the game for storytellers and creatives.

It features a keynote from TechnoFuturist, Galit Ariel, addressing unlocking creativity at scale. This is followed by a conversation with Galit and panellists including James Boyce of Grumpy Sailor, Peter Tullin of REMIX Summits and Professor Bem Le Hunte, Founding Director, Creative Intelligence at University of Technology. They will explore the myriad of tools, opportunities and new forms emerging. They will delve into how technology is changing creativity, heading into artistic efficiency and whether it’s for the better or worse.

The event that this talk is a part of was produced by REMIX Summits, Grumpy Sailor and UTS as part of the Visiting Entrepreneur Program.

The Visiting Entrepreneur Program is produced by the City of Sydney with partner organisations from the local startup ecosystem. The 2023 edition is kindly supported by ⁠⁠Tech Central⁠⁠ and the ⁠⁠Greater Cities Commission⁠⁠.

About Galit Ariel – City of Sydney Visiting Entrepreneur (Canada)

Galit Ariel is a TechnoFuturist, author and an award-winning creative, exploring the wild and imaginative side of bleeding-edge technologies through her practice. She is a sought-after speaker, curator and innovation facilitator for global conferences, organizations and think tanks (such as TED, SXSW, Slush, The European Union, Bell Labs, Microsoft and many more). Galit had been featured as one of ‘Nine Women that are building the Metaverse’ by Unity (2022), and as one of 40 influential futurists by Forbes (2022). Galit authored numerous articles and white papers, as well as the book Augmenting Alice – The Future of Identity, Experience and Reality, which depicts the way Augmented Reality will shift core paradigms and interactions related to culture, body, space and agency. She is currently conducting her research-creation PhD at York University, exploring emerging paradigms of presence and embodiment within immersive spaces.


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