Summit: syd19

Length: 29:44

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Lekki Maze - Founder & Director, Glider Global; Founder & Director, Conversation Dinners Project, Hard Things to Talk About

Lekki is a curator, creative director and futures strategist. She is founder of research and conceptual studio Glider, and founder of the Conversation Dinners Project, Hard Things To Talk About. Her work centres on human connection and conversation as a means of exploring and better understanding our shared human experience – and all that might be possible together.

Whether by reimagining public life and place, developing future scenarios or curating and creating public exhibitions, art installations and immersive experiences, Lekki's work is characterised by transformative vision brought to life through innovative, often unexpected, new forms. Her projects exist to get people connecting, thinking and talking in new and fuller ways in order to help shape the future of organisations, institutions, industries, societies and public life for the better. She is a master of creating inspiring visions, telling beautiful stories and turning possibility into reality.

Underpinned by human-centred research, conversation theory and dialogue architecture, her experiences create the conditions that are conducive to real conversations about the wonder and gritty complexity of being alive, and all the fullness of what it is to Be Human. Endlessly curious about people, her work seeks to spark conversation, both intimate and at scale in the public realm, to unearth and inspire new ways of seeing, being and living well together… across communities and cultures.

Lekki has over 20 years experience working across Europe, Australia, the US, Asia and the Middle East and specialises in futures and transformation platforms and experience design for arts and cultural organisations, festivals and events, public place and public realm, and pretty much any group of people wanting to connect with people in a meaningful and memorable way.