Summit: syd16

Length: 11:57

A Circular Economy is restorative by design. Transforming to a circular economy means enabling creative and innovative approaches to enable new peer to peer sharing models, redesigning sustainable products and business models, utilising new technologies to enable us to keep materials circulating in the system for longer and more effectively, and incorporating renewable energy to generate activity.

In this talk, discover the basic design principles of a circular economy, hear best practice case examples and experiment with 'tear-down' concepts to redesign for a circular economy.

Presented in partnership with UTS

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This talk is presented by

Dr Melissa Edwards - Senior Lecturer, UTS Business School

Melissa Edwards teaches and conducts research in sustainability, management, complexity and social impact in the UTS Business School. Her transdisciplinary work focuses on understanding how people organise, learn and adapt to enable sustainable transitions. She has co-developed and managed innovative courses, including a cross-disciplinary program that challenges students to solve ‘wicked’ problems with sustainable and entrepreneurial solutions. She has co-edited and contributed to two books on design-led innovation processes and runs courses on developing community projects.