Summit: syd17

Length: 47:10

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Tamasein Holyman - Mistress of Make-Believe, Underground Cinema & Co-Founder, Immersive Cinema (Australia)

Designer of the unimagined and Mistress of Make-Believe, Tam’s role is to create distinctive worlds which transport people into other dimensions.

Having spent more than 10 years in the US, Europe and the UK hosting prominent celebrities and events, Tam saw a gap in the market for creative, immersive events when she returned home to Melbourne.

In 2009 she launched Underground Cinema, the secret film-screening experience held in undisclosed locations where guests are immersed into the world of a secret film. Today, she and her team have created over 30 different unique, bespoke worlds and produced more than 100 screenings across Melbourne and Sydney.

Along with being the Creative Director for UGC, Tam is also the Managing Director of Secret Squirrel Productions, storytellers with a strong focus on designing unique participatory experiences in unusual environments.

Working with different brands and clients, SSP blend theatre, cinema and music, to build distinctive universes that transport guests through a fictitious live narrative.

Over the years the team have created diverse innovative experience designs, including an immersive zombie escape room in a 40ft shipping container in Fed Square and a Les Miserables flash mob in Sydney Central Train Station at peak hour. In the world of make-believe anything is possible.

Dan Rosen - CEO, ARIA

Dan Rosen brings with him valuable experience across digital media, law, policy and music. Prior to joining ARIA as CEO, Dan was based in New York working as Head of Americas for KIT Digital, a NASAQ listed digital media company. Before leaving for the States, Dan worked as an Advisor to the Minister of Communications, Richard Alston, responsible for broadband and innovation policy after starting his career as a lawyer, specializing in media and technology, with Minter Ellison.

Dan has been on both sides of the music business; his band ‘Second Dan’ won Triple J Unearthed in 2003 and has since independently released two albums and toured throughout the US and Australia. He continues to write and produce music.

Dan was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to complete his Masters of International Law and Business at New York University. He holds a First Class Honours degree in Law and a Bachelor of Commerce from Monash University in Melbourne.

Matt Walters - Founder, Parlour Gigs

Matt Walters spent 5 years as a recording artist with Universal Music, touring extensively in Australia & the USA.

While on a songwriting stint in Austin, Texas, Matt found himself broke and unable to get his next show in Nashville. He suggested playing a house concert in the house he was staying. His hosts invited their friends and charged $10 a head. Matt played one of the best shows of his life and easily made enough money to get to Nashville. And Parlour was born.

Parlour connects people with the musicians they love, allowing them to host house concerts. Its core mission is to help artists build sustainable careers whilst helping fans connect to the music they love in a meaningful and memorable way.

Since launching in 2015, Parlour have facilitated over 1000 gigs in Aus & NZ.

Natalia Manidis - Author Success & Content Operations, Envato

Natalia heads up the Author Success team at Envato, a group of online marketplaces for digital products and services. She is broadly responsible for growing and managing its global community of 50,000 creators as well as the digital content they sell on its platforms.

Before Envato, Natalia managed the translator community at Japanese startup Gengo and ran Straight Talk, a national Oxfam Australia event connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women with federal politicians.