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Length: 34:36

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Marina Guo - Founder & President, Huashan Multiversity; Rotating Chair, China Innovation Service Alliance for Culture & Technology (China)

Dr. Marina Guo is a cultural entrepreneur, academic and strategist based in Shanghai China. She is the founder & President of Huashan Multiversity which is a national initiative on cultural leadership and talent development for cultural professionals and executives. Meanwhile, Marina serves as the Rotating Chair for China Innovation Service Alliance for Culture & Technology. She is Supervisor for Doctor of Business Administration program at Shanghai Jiaotong University-oec, and guest faculty at Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Marina is the author of Creative Transformation (China Economic Press 2011) studying the potential of the creative economy in China, and the translator of How Creativity is Changing China (Wuwei Li, Bloomsbury 2011). She also contributed to a number of research reports eg. World Cities Culture Report 2012, World Cities Cultural Finance Report 2015, China Creative Industries Report, Shanghai Cultural Industry Report etc. Marina was recognized as a future leader by the Australian government when she received the Australian Endeavour Award. She won the most competitive Creative Leaders Award at China Creative Industries Award in 2011. Marina holds Ph.D. in Economics, Master of Arts and bachelor in International Business. She was a visiting scholar at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and is sitting on the Board of Director, American Institute of Performing Arts. She was the former Head of Arts Management at Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Marina demonstrated entrepreneurship and leadership in cultural planning, arts management, business innovation and talent development. By working across industry-academia sectors, Dr. Guo advised a range of clients on the development of creative industries, cultural management, operational strategy, talent development program, mentoring and coaching to public and private sectors.