Summit: syd24

Length: 16:39

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Dr Jenny Newell - Curator for Climate Change, Climate Solutions Centre, Australian Museum

Dr Jenny Newell is the Curator for Climate Change at the Climate Solutions Centre, Australian Museum, Sydney. She works to advance understanding and engagement in the climate crisis, through exhibitions, events, digital resources and community collaborations. With a background in environmental history and a focus on Australia and the Pacific, she has used her curatorial roles at the British Museum, National Museum of Australia, the American Museum of Natural History and the Australian Museum to explore and advance positive human-nature relationships. Jenny convenes the Museums & Climate Change Network ( and Sydney Cultural Institutions for Climate Action (SCICA).Her exhibitions include Spark: Australian innovations tackling climate change (2021) and the touring exhibition about sustainability and regeneration, Future Now (2022-). Publications include Trading Nature (2010) and co-edited volumes Curating the Future (2016) and Living with the Anthropocene (2020).