Summit: syd16

Length: 48:48

In this fast paced competitive world of technology are you feeling the pressure to make more decisions in less time?

This practical workshop was designed for those who want to train themselves to be more agile minded. The session will suit people who want to reach a higher performance in metrics such as finding hidden options and making decisions in the heat of the moment without fearing regretful of the consequences.

The session was facilitated by three affectors, each one a professional in the fields of entrepreneurship, elite sport and the performing arts. The affectors encourage participants to play games that highlight how factors such as interest at stake, stress, pressure and emotion affect the way the brain thinks and subsequently the effect this has on the quality of the outcome.

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This talk is presented by

Matt Jackson - Founder, Affectors

Matt is a poet and entrepreneur in the arts. He has moved hearts and minds at TEDx, Wired for Wonder, Sydney’s Biennale and VIVID. He founded affectors in 2013 to help individuals and organisations unleash their creative instinct. Prior to that he ran the Drawing Book Studios managing visual artists for 9 years.

Ben Romalis - Executive Director, affectors, Founder of Silamor Studios, Performance Analyst, Cricket NSW

Quick facts

- Has spent the past 12 years as Performance Analyst for Cricket NSW

- Has released two independent albums to date and is a founding member of The Green Mohair Suits and Silamor

- Studied Contemporary Music and Composition for Film and Television

- Became an Executive Director of affectors in 2015 

Ben's Full Bio 

As a composer and musicologist, Ben focuses on the conceptualisation of new and innovative material. Realizing these concepts creates exciting challenges, especially when working across multiple genres and formats.

When working with clients, Ben zeroes in on the nature of communication, identifying the way musical elements manifest in speech and dialogue.

Having originally studied as an Industrial Designer, Ben believes it is the cross pollination of disciplines that allows him to stay motivated and creative, regardless of which hat he happens to be wearing at the time.

In 2014 Ben founded Silamor - a collective of musicians, artists and film-makers who are dedicated to the creation of meaningful content.

As a presenter and workshop facilitator, Ben has performed at VIVID and Wired for Wonder and currently curates content for Florence Guild and affectors academy.