The Experience Lab – Fed Square

The Experience Lab is a platform to develop new types of experiences at Fed Square as part of their 20th Anniversary celebrations

What is it?

The Experience Lab is a new program launched in 2022 to celebrate Fed Square’s 20th Anniversary to generate ideas for new experiences that will surprise and delight Fed Square’s existing audiences (as well as attract new visitors to Fed Square). It is an Incubation program supporting an annual cohort of 3 creative startups / participants in the experience economy sector (creative tech, immersive entertainment, games development etc.)

There was an open access Expression of Interest to identify Victorian talent in this space. The three successful applicants received expert creative and business mentoring, networking, shared workspace (with other Experience Lab participants), support from Fed Square and seed funding of $10,000 to develop a concept. As well as discovering creative experience concepts we hope to help the team build a business model and company.

The Experience Lab provides a form of R&D Lab for Fed Square to prototype and develop new experiences co-created with Victoria’s creative community (in a similar way to National Gallery X, NEW Inc or the National Theatre’s Immersive Storytelling Studio


Peter Tullin, Co-Founder of REMIX has led on the development of this project (which is an evolution of the Alchemy platform we recently developed). He will also support Fed Square in the delivery of the incubator as well as acting as Entrepreneurs-in-residence joining the dots between Fed Square, Lab participants and other creative experience providers. More information can be found here.