Ash Davies is Founder and CEO at Melbourne based creative startup Tablo. He is a bestselling author who once struggled to publish his book online which started his journey towards creating Tablo.

Ash dropped out of university to start the business that was launched in 2013. Tablo is a self-publishing platform where authors can write a book and publish to nearly every bookshop in the world (40,000+ retailers and 30,000+ libraries), in eBook and in paperback and hardback formats (powered by an on-demand network of 26 printers). Tablo is now used by more than 100,000 writers in over 150 countries (from debut novelists to New York Times bestsellers) and is one of the largest self-publishing platforms in the industry.

Ash is regarded as one of the most influential young CEOs in the country, named in 2018’s Forbes 30 Under 30 and with awards including Victorian Young Achiever of the Year. He continues to work with a growing team to build the future of the publishing industry.