Pure House: Communal homes and co-living

Summit: nyc14

Length: 04:22

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Ryan Fix - Founder, PUREHOUSE

Infused with entrepreneurial spirit, Ryan Fix embodies a life dedicated to the expansion of human consciousness. Using ‘values-driven business principals’ as his vehicle of choice, Ryan employs his communication skills and vast networks to draw people together to effect a common goal. Educated in Foreign Policy from American University, trained in finance on Wall Street, riding the dot-com wave of the late-90s, and enjoying New York City's Real Estate boom, Ryan is well prepared for just about any mission. Defined by his heartfelt ambition, consistent drive, unrelenting spirit, and overwhelming love for life & mankind, Ryan greets every day and every opportunity with open arms. Ryan Fix is the founder of The Pure Project, a organization that incubates & catalyzes enterprises and initiatives that advance a common good. After successfully incubating several ventures, they are currently focused on building platforms to support individuals, organizations and initiatives that seek to do good while doing well. By creating platforms, and harnessing the powerful energy within his network of friends, Ryan is determined to make his mark on this Earth!