Summit: syd22

Length: 19:18

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Kylie Legge, BArch, MSSC (Env & PI) - Founding Director, Place Partners & Place Score

Kylie Legge is a leading voice in the evolving profession of placemaking. She is an architecture graduate, planner, place maker, author, facilitator, curator and entrepreneur. She is the founding Director of Place Partners, a multidisciplinary placemaking consultancy based in Sydney Australia as well as the newly launched Place Score - the world's first place experience measurement tool, and Kylie’s response to the challenge “You can’t measure place”.

Her interests lie in the relationship between people and their urban environments and how we can work better collaboratively to create the kinds of places people want to spend time in. Her commitment to understanding the trends and external factors influencing decision-making ensures that projects she works on are fit for the future.