Summit: syd24

Length: 11:27

In 2024, nostalgia is big business. And why wouldn't it be? It sparks joy, creates connection, it’s a boon for brands in staying forever young. But nostalgia has a dark side. Cultural Insight & strategy consultancy Crowd DNA shows us how to play in the past, while shaping a more positive present.

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Kathrina Phan - Associate Director of Cultural Strategy, Crowd DNA

Kat spent her early career in social research, working on projects ranging from the exploration of diverse challenges facing young people in regional areas, to those of women in the Australian workforce, and attitudes towards and priorities for ageing. She has recently made the move to Crowd DNA to further her qualitative skillset and apply her knowledge in a new space.

Growing up in Sydney as a first-generation Vietnamese-Chinese Australian, and living abroad during university, has shown her the complexities that emerge when different cultures meet, mash and/or clash. When she’s not in our Chippendale base camp, you can catch Kat trying to retain her position on her football team, unconsciously dishing out life advice to her friends or hunting for a new indoor plant.