National Innovation, Science and Research in Australia

Summit: syd16

Length: 21:19

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Ann Bray - Interim CEO, Office of Innovation and Science Australia (ISA)

Ann Bray is currently interim CEO of the Office of Innovation and Science Australia (ISA) having been in the position since December 2015. The ISA Board is tasked with providing strategic policy advice to Government on the Innovation, Research and Science. 

Ann Bray’s early career was a medical scientist in the 80’s where she worked in both private and public pathologies and in public research. She held middle and senior management positions in the Uncle Toby’s Company / Goodman Fielder for 9 years. She then worked as a consultant in the manufacturing sector working for clients such as Mars, the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture, Australian Paper Mills, Goodman Fielder and Australian Defense Industries. Subsequently she owned a small business as an inventor/wholesaler of craft products domestically and internationally and owned design patents in Australia, USA and UK. 

Ann has been in the Public Service for 13 years. She has significant policy and deregulation experience as project lead for the COAG National Business Names reform but also overseeing the secretariat of the Standing Committee on Chemicals. She led a team to help the Minister’s Food Processing Industry Strategy Report deliver a major report on the food processing industry in 2012 which then led to the formation of Food Innovation Australia Limited. Ann then spent time in Science Governance where she led a number of projects related to the Synchrotron, Astronomy and Questacon Governance, and the National Measurement Institute.  

Ann has a Bachelor of Applied Science; a Graduate Diploma in Education; and a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. She has also attended Oxford University’s Strategic Leadership Program (Said University) and Mt Eliza’s Leadership Development Program.