NASA: Bridging the Gap between Art, Science & Tech

Summit: nyc14

Length: 30:10

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Dan Goods - Visual Strategist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA (USA)

Dan Goods is passionate about creating moments in peoples lives where they can interact with something beautiful, meaningful, and/or possibly profound.

During the day he is the “Visual Strategist” for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. There he shepherds a creative strategy team developing everything from art pieces that expose people to the wonders of the universe to brainstorming the NASA missions of the future. His work is seen in public spaces, art museums, and is in outer space.

After doing the dishes, reading bedtime stories to his kids, and spending time with his wife, Dan works on other creative problem solving projects around the world. He is currently dreaming about creating The Museum of Awe and Wonder.

Dan graduated valedictorian from the graphic design program at Art Center College of Design. He was recently selected as One of the most interesting people in Los Angeles by the LA Weekly. Dan currently lives in South Pasadena with his wife and three kids.