Summit: nyc14

Length: 10:19

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Merritt Price - Head of Design, The J. Paul Getty Museum

25 million people have visited the Getty since it opened in 1977. How is the Getty building relationships with visitors in the age of social, mobile media?  As founder of the Getty's design department Merritt Price has led a team of designers to shape the Getty visitor's experience including museum master planning, gallery design, exhibition and program promotions, site wayfinding, and branding. Under Price?s direction, over a span of 25 years, more than 400 exhibitions have been designed at four museums. From this experience Price has developed a broad knowledge of visitor needs, and has developed solutions that serve constantly evolving interests and expectations.

Information gathered from recent independent research at the Getty reveals new directions for visitor engagement. Price will share insights with you about what?s trending at the Getty.

Price previously served as Design Manager for the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. In his early career he led a design team at Gottschalk + Ash/Keith Muller Ltd. in the creation of a wayfinding system for the largest underground pedestrian pathway in the world, and was a senior consulting project team member for the National Gallery of Canada.

Price graduated as an Associate of Industrial Design, Ontario College of Art, Toronto.  He has been a faculty member at the Ontario College of Art, Otis College, and UCLA extension.