Melbourne Arts Precinct – Trend Briefing

Using the latest intelligence and trends to help inform the development of the largest cultural infrastructure project in Australia’s history

REMIX were asked to develop a trend briefing and recommendations to inform the new Melbourne Arts Precinct. REMIX identified a series of globally sourced trends and case studies that will provide inspiration for the evolving masterplan. The project will deliver new cafes, restaurants and 18,000 square metres of new public parklands in the heart of Melbourne. The project also includes extensive refurbishment of Victoria’s State Theatre and creation of the project centrepiece The Fox: NGV Contemporary.These thematic case studies and trends will be used to identify opportunities and ideas that can be incorporated into MAPCO’s thinking for the new creative precinct.

The trends report relates to some of the following areas:

• Placemaking and Public Spaces

• Public Art

• Retail

• F&B / Hospitality

• Programming & Entertainment (including emerging experience economy trends)

• Innovation within the private sector development community that could inform thinking around the wider precinct

• Emergent technology e.g. opportunities to utilise interactive and immersive digital experiences

• Development of flexible and multi-purpose space

• Successful multi-disciplinary creative communities and infrastructure that help drive innovation and creative collisions within the creative industries (but which also support and connect with the wider knowledge and creative economy)

• Identification of partnership opportunities that could contribute to the infrastructure and activation of MAP (based on examples of innovative collaborations and active commercial players operating in this space from REMIX intelligence)

• ‘Inside Out’ (models that make the creative precinct permeable and connect the creative activity inside buildings to the spaces outside)

• Playful spaces – public spaces for all ages and kidults