Google Arts and Culture update 2019

Summit: syd19

Length: 25:35

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Suhair Khan - Program Manager, Google Arts & Culture

Suhair leads various global initiatives and partnerships at Google Arts & Culture. Currently based in London and leading U.K partnerships and projects, her work focuses on the nexus of art, culture, storytelling and technology.

A long-time Googler, she joined Google in Mountain View before moving to Singapore and then London.

Suhair grew up between Europe and Asia, and her interests and work have always drawn from an array of cultural and social influences - sometimes with chaotic results!

She has written extensively over the years on art, fashion, design and culture for publications including Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, and Architectural Digest.

Her advisory roles center around social impact, culture and technology. And as of 2019 she is on the SXSW Art Advisory board.