Summit: ldn20

Length: 18:41

The Japan Cultural Expo introduces and explores the possibilities of the arts of Japan. It is a nationwide celebration of Japanese arts and culture through diverse programmes including exhibitions, performing arts productions, and arts festivals. In this keynote, Reiri Kojima talks about this new initiative and shares its challenge and development. Also Yosuke Ushigome from Takram, one of the leading design innovative firms of Japan, talks about the design perspective on Japan’s aesthetics.

Presented in partnership with Japan Cultural Expo

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Yosuke Ushigome - Director, Creative Technologist - Takram

Yosuke is a creative technologist based in London. He creates future visions, builds proof-of-concept prototypes and designs new interactions.

He is currently working at Takram, a design innovation studio based in Tokyo, London and New York. They partner with forward-thinking people and organisations to create transformative products, services, brands and ideas.

Driven by both love and concern in emerging technologies and their influence on us, his interaction design practice tends to straddle multiple stages of product development; from concept through prototyping to real-world deployment. By doing so, he facilitates an in-depth understanding of the implication of emerging technologies and encourages better-informed decision-making on our future.

Reiri Kojima PhD - Chief of PR and Communications, Japan Cultural Expo Secretariat, Japan Arts Council

Dr. Reiri Kojima is Chief of PR and Communications for Japan Cultural Expo. She oversees strategic communications for this new private-public collaborative initiative in Japan and beyond.

Prior to Japan Cultural Expo, Dr. Kojima was with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, working on the launch of Japan House Project, one of the public diplomacy initiatives. She is an active scholar, educator, interpreter, and consultant in arts and culture field and has held positions for international organizations including Programming Committee for ISPA NY 2016, Inaugural Steering Committee for Carnegie Hall’s Notables Japan, and Google Arts & Culture braintrust. Dr. Kojima received MA and PhD in arts management and cultural policy from Tokyo University of the Arts.