Innovation Talks: Cake Wines

Summit: syd14

Length: 06:40

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Glen Cassidy - Co-Founder, Cake Wines

Created by a couple of young wine makers and young wine lovers Mike Smith (left) and Glen Cassidy (right), Cake Wines are a new kind of winery and have emerged as one of the most talked about contemporary brands to come along in some time. With an exceptional range of Australian wines predominately from the Adelaide Hills and a mantra of celebrating wine and the culture it creates, Cake stands committed to doing things changing the sometimes intimidating conversation around wine and embodying a distinct creative culture that is integral to drinking and enjoying a good drop. From numerous art collaborations, to donating 10% of proceeds to independent radio stations nationwide, to creating the annual Cake Wines Archibottle Prize as well as running numerous pop-up bars in some of the countries most unlikely of spaces...this is a business where culture and commerce are joined at the hip, working as a team to achieve some truly positive things for all. Glen will be talking about the seemily impossible marriage of culture and commerce, the ups and downs of Cake in it's short lifetime and some food for thought for others looking to take a similar path.