Summit: syd17

Length: 49:00

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Michael Brealey - CEO, Create, NSW

Michael Brealey is the CEO of Create NSW, the NSW Office of Arts, Screen and Culture. Michael is responsible for strategic leadership and investment across the screen, arts and cultural cluster including collaboration with NSW Cultural Institutions and industry stakeholders across screen and arts. Michael comes to Create NSW from ABC TV where he was the Head of Policy, Strategy and Governance. Prior to the ABC Michael was the Manager of Public Policy and Content Standards for Vodafone Australia and held various roles in the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts working on cultural, broadcast and telecommunications policy.

Chantal Abouchar - CEO, The Studio

Chantal has worked for three decades in the media, entertainment and screen industry locally and internationally, specializing in factual and documentary programs. She started her career at ABC television in Sydney, then spent five years based abroad, producing work for broadcasters across UK, Europe and USA.

Findings from thesis research completed in 2014, led to the establishment of The Studio in 2015. Building the non-profit organisation from the ground up, The Studio is now supported by more than 20 local and global consortium partners. With a growing community of 2,000 people (via The Studio meetup group), The Studio is one of four anchor tenants in the new Sydney Startup Hub, launching in December this year.

The underlying purpose of The Studio is to strengthen and develop the Australian media, entertainment, music, games and creative industries by fostering, supporting and enabling tech startups across these sectors.

Chantal has a Masters of Screen Arts and Business from AFTRS (Australian Film, Television and Radio School), Bachelor of Arts from Sydney University (Visual Arts, Sydney College of Arts) and Cinematography, AFTRS.

Margaret Petty - Executive Director Innovation & Entrepreneurship, University of Technology Sydney

Committed to organisational innovation and excellence in the tertiary sector, Margaret has served in a series of academic leadership roles in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia where she has developed and managed a wide spectrum of impactful programs initiatives, from reimagining curriculum to the creation of student entrepreneurship programs and opportunities, to the establishment of transdisciplinary research groups and partnerships. Each of these initiatives are linked to larger organisational shifts and a recalibration of the way in which universities engage with both internal and external stakeholders, and the customer experience they provide, which has allowed Margaret to draw upon her background and expertise in design. Originally trained as a design historian, Margaret also continues to research, speak and publish in her area of focus, which broadly investigates the discourse, production, and consumption practices of the modern built environment. Currently she serves as Executive Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), where she brings this diverse skill set and capacity for lateral thinking to the development of university-wide strategy, ensuring and sustaining collaborative, adaptive environments and maintaining productive relationships across internal and external stakeholder groups.

Professor Ross Harley - Dean of the Faculty of Art & Design, UNSW & Chair, Sydney Culture Network

Professor Harley is an award-winning artist, writer and educator whose career crosses the bounds of traditional and creative arts research. His video and sound work has been presented at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, New York MoMA, Ars Electronica in Austria, the Biennale of Sydney, and at the Sydney Opera House.