How to make your Online Videos not Suck – A Guide for Museums and Galleries

Summit: syd24

Length: 13:24

If social media video isn't already a priority for your cultural organisation, it should be. Today, video makes up more than 80% of all internet traffic and nearly every social media platform now preferences video content above text and photos. But the truth is, most museums don’t know how to make good video content for social media. This session dissects the good, the bad, and the cringe of museum tiktoks and Instagram Reels, and makes the case for the unexpected heroes in your organisations who might just help you win over the hearts and minds of Gen Z.

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Mary McGillivray - Art TikTok star with 12 million Likes

Mary McGillivray is a content creator making visual culture analysis accessible for the next generation. She holds a Masters degree in History of Art and Architecture from the University of Cambridge, and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne. Mary has worked with art galleries and cultural institutions across Australia, the UK, and Europe to bring their collections to a massive online audience of highly engaged young viewers, and she also appears on ABC Arts.