Webinar: Getting started with developing digital creative content

Summit: webinar

Length: 1:33:35

Contents: Creating Video Content / Kit: Capturing video / Kit: Audio / Kit: Editing / Kit: Video Mixers and Live Editing / Kit: Lighting / Streaming Platform options

Like many organisations, REMIX was impacted by the unfolding COVID-19 crisis in 2020-21. Whilst our own events have been disrupted, we also recognise that the creative sector we exist to serve is having an incredibly tough time. We have worked night and day with the generous support of the City of Perth to produce a special series of free, in-depth webinars hosted by REMIX Co-founder Peter Tullin. We hope to help support arts, culture and heritage organisations and creatives through these extremely challenging and unchartered times.

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Peter Tullin - Co Founder, REMIX Summits

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