DigVentures is a social enterprise transforming the way archaeology is funded while at the same time opening up new audiences. Featured in publications such as the BBC and The Guardian they have developed a platform to crowdfund archaeology projects around the world which includes the chance for people to participate as part of the rewards. Back in 2012, they launched the world’s first-ever crowdfunded and crowdsourced archaeological excavation at Flag Fen, a Bronze Age site near Peterborough in the UK. It was a huge success, raising £27,000 for the dig through a worldwide community of over 250 funders. DigVentures designs and delivers collaborative archaeology projects both in the UK and beyond. They use crowdfunding as a tool to digital technology to increase opportunities for the public to participate in archaeological research.

During the pandemic they took archeology online allowing people to participate in “virtual digs”. 8,000 participants from 81 countries signed up

DigVentures started with a team of two and is now up to 17 people and their patron is Tony Robinson of Time Team fame. They have also recently collaborated with David Attenborough

You can also view a talk by Lisa Westcott Wilkins and Dr Brendon Wilkins, Founders of DigVentures