Curating for the ‘Culturally Curious’ and making it pay

Summit: ldn18

Length: 09:47

How The Culture Trip is curating for 9 million 'Culturally Curious' readers each month, and making it pay

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Dr Kris Naudts - CEO & Founder,

Culture Trip brings you personalized content and recommendations, wherever you are, wherever you go. It serves over 9 million monthly readers, and has recently secured $20 million Series A investment. Forbes 2017 described it as a fast-growing British company to watech.

Born and raised in Belgium, with short stints in South Africa and Israel during medical school, Kris moved to London to become an academic psychiatrist at King’s College – Europe’s largest centre for research in psychiatry and neuroscience. He also worked as medical director of a large private psychiatric hospital in London. However, an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for global culture and stories lead him to change career and found Culture Trip. In his spare time, Kris enjoys travel, theatre and jazz.