Summit: syd19

Length: 19:05

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Sam Turley - Chief Creative Officer, Mindshare

Sam has studied human beings obsessively for the past 20 years. Eager to fuel her brain with as much as possible and justify a few extra gap years, her diverse academic background includes psychology, genetics, art therapy, design, visual anthropology and of course witchcraft.

Accumulating an impressively large student loan as a result, the time came to get a proper job and Sam found a natural home to pursue her passion for people, culture and creativity in the media industry.

Starting out her career at London-based communications agency Michaelides & Bednash in 2004 and joining media agency Mindshare in 2008, Sam made it her mission to understand how culture evolves and what brands and businesses can do to keep up. Working with clients such as Unilever, PepsiCo and Nike, Sam’s role took her extensively across Asia-Pacific. After realising the beaches were waaaay better over here, Sam made the move to Mindshare Sydney in 2010 where her work has been recognised globally.

Mindshare Australia’s Chief Creative Officer since 2017, Sam is dedicated to helping brands connect with culture and emerging media technology. Taking every opportunity to get away from her desk, Sam regularly delivers training in Australia and APAC on creating the conditions for creativity to thrive in businesses and helps mentor the next generation of curious, creative thinkers.