Committing to Creative Places – How Developers and Government Can Make it Happen

Summit: syd17

Length: 14:35

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Lily Jacobs - Business Strategy Lead, Emerging Sectors and Innovation, LendLease

Lily works on making change in cities. She was the founding CEO of Renew Adelaide, taking it from start-up to established non-profit organisation, providing opportunities to over 100 start-up business or creative projects and contributing to Adelaide’s city revitalisation by working with the private and public sector. She currently works at Lendlease, leading strategy and new business models for emerging sectors, innovation & place creation in urban development. Lily's a member of the Committee for Sydney’s night time economy taskforce and the liveability & loveability task force, and has recently been working with the Perth government and private sector on revitalising the city. She remains a board member of the Economic Development Board of South Australia and the Botanic Gardens of South Australia. Before starting the city stuff she worked in arts and culture management and festivals, and finished dux of her law degree. She likes new ideas, hard problems, and making things happen.