BFI E-commerce Strategy

The BFI wanted to redevelop its online shop to deliver improved revenue from online sales as well as an improved digital experience and customer journey. Shortly into the project, we were asked to also explore configurable online membership sales, a centralised customer database and the creation of a new Business Intelligence portal.

REMIX Agency built a new e-commerce store to integrate with the design and functionality of the new BFI website. This included automated member discounts across the store, and integration with their legacy EPOS and ERP systems. We’ve enabled customers to configure their own membership packages, and are developing a centralised view of data from all BFI systems to facilitate truly joined-up marketing.

Many clients we work with have a similar combination of legacy systems serving different departments – often involving ticketing, e-commerce, content, EPOS and CRM/fundraising. We enjoy developing technical strategies with clients to help identify cost-effective ways of integrating and evolving these components to try and optimise the experience for customers and reduce the admin burden for staff.